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About Paleoethics

Our philosophy


Paleoethics was born out of the desire to bring to the world a nutritious range of high-performance supplements compatible with the Paleo diet. After extensive research, in 2016 we finally managed to launch our unique line of supplements, primarily made with grass-fed beef proteins from Sweden. The entire line is free of eggs, GMOs, gluten, dairy, soy, added sugars, nuts and corn. Created especially for athletes, who understand the importance of good, clean nutrition in order to reach a healthy, optimal level of fitness. Our goal is to help people reach the highest level of performance with supplements from whole food ingredients, produced without any synthetics or preservatives to ease digestibility, bioavailability and better overall health.


We care about what we put in our products because we care about our customers. That’s why our products are full of 100% natural ingredients and free of space-wasting fillers and heavily processed substances. Because we believe in transparency, every single ingredient in our products is listed on the label in plain, easy-to-understand English.

You get what you see – no gimmicks, outrageous claims or hard-to-pronounce ingredients – just pure, healthy and effective supplements. A unique line of all natural, paleo-compatible supplements, full of pure whole food ingredients, without any fillers!


Paleoethics in Europe!


We are proud to announce that Paleoethics products are now available in Europe too.
Our plan is to fuel athletes around all the countries  in Europe with our Paleo-friendly supplements so that they can reach their goals and constantly
increase their performance. Along with this, our goal is to also spread the know-how about the Paleo diet and support the ones who already started their journey along this way.


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